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Hyundai iload / Imax D4CB Diesel Engine 2007 – 2012- reconditioned


  • Shipping in Australia (Starting from $100)
  • Fitting Available in Victoria
  • Reconditioned engine.
  • 180 Day Product Warranty
  • 10 Years in Business, Trusted Seller
  • Deal is based on Changeover
  • Fitting available at Extra cost


Hyundai iload / Imax D4CB Diesel Engine 2007 – 2012- reconditioned

Reconditioned Hyundai Iload Engine 2.5 Diesel , come with 180 days warranty , (t/c applied)

do you need fitting , no stress we do have fully equipped workshop located in Dandenong can fit the engine in quickest time for you.

Hyundai iLoad Engine for Sale 

Is your Hyundai iLoad or imax need New Motor? smoking ? no power or seized ?  Look no further! Our reconditioned Hyundai iLoad engine are ready to revitalize your vehicle’s performance. Built to meet or OEM specifications,

Why Choose Us?

Each Hyundai iLoad engine rebuild and re manufactured in our in our fully equipped workshop in Dandenong – Victoria , we are using the highest quality parts to match the OEM spec.

Trust : with more than 10 Years in business and more than 1000 engine supplied and fitted in all kind of Hyundai and Kia you can trust us.

Warranty : Confidence in our engines we offer 180 days warranty in all our engines . for crate engine we provide 12 month warranty.

About Hyundai D4CB engine :

its 2.5L Diesel four cylinder A line engine CRDI, engine produced by Hyundai Motor Group , and used in Hyundai iLoad , Hyundai Imax , Kia Soronto and few others.

How to start , 

Give us a call today with your car details either we can ship engine for you or we can book for fitting for you.

Expert Support: with high qualified engine rebuilder and mechanic in our team from selection to complete the job , our professional staff is available to guide you through the whole process .

Get Your iLoad Back on the Road.



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